Passion Week

I always want to take pictures of Semana Santa because here in Zaragoza the processions
are very typical, but always for one thing or another I can not do it.
This year at last, I was able to go to a procession and here you have the report.

I hope to expand it year by year.

Detective Solo

I present the promotional poster of the saga of Detective Solo you could
read “The 7 Lives of a Cat” by Gema del Prado and Miguel Martin
published by “Saco de Huesos”.
A good mix of black gender, supernatural terror and everything in the line of the most classic pulp!
Soon news!
And, of course, the design and photography of a servant !!!!

We continue with the publicity of the detective “Solo”. This is a banner for facebook.

Walks for life

I’m going to start a new series of photographs called “Walks for Life” the other
day and post a photo of this series “In the autumn of life.”

It is going to be a very personal work, of introspection, of telling how I feel. I hope you like it, although the end is going to be that it serves me as therapy.

Explain how I feel is not mine!!! :)

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